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LiveWatts Pro

Win more bids and stand apart from your competition!

Bundle LiveWatts with your installations, and your work will advertise itself.

Installers!: Now you can offer live-energy dashboards as part of your service!
Using LiveWatts, solar installers and renewable energy system providers can strengthen their offering while giving their customers a way to showcase their energy production.

Simply select the interface that best fits your company's look & feel, then upload your company logo and connect LiveWatts to your data source. LiveWatts will turn your customers' energy data into easy to read, interactive media they can view & share online or on their smartphone.

With the ability to offer data visualization with your installation, you can win more projects and leave a lasting impression with your customers. With your personal logos, photos and personal content included in the display, your company can benefit from free advertising every time the software is viewed.

Stand apart from the competition! add a visual component to your offering today!

How It Works:

  1. 1: Create a LiveWatts Pro Subscription.
  2. 2: Customize your account with logos and images.
  3. 3: Add your installations to your account.
  4. 4: If you don't have system monitoring, we can assist you.
  5. 5: Point your monitoring system to LiveWatts' servers.
  6. 6: Upload installation photos and text.
  7. 7: Copy and save the link to your new display!
  8. 8: Offer the display as a free add-on, or sell as an upgrade!
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  • How does LiveWatts work?

    LiveWatts provides energy information to system owners without them having to sift through countless XML or CSV data files. It works by importing energy data directly from solar hardware and monitoring services and transforming it into an easy to understand visual format.

    Available online, on smartphones and on our touchscreen displays, LiveWatts can be used anywhere to track current performance and efficiency. Also, since the display is connected to the internet, LiveWatts can show live information, be remotely updated with new content, and integrate any existing marketing the customer may want to include.

    At many educational institutions teachers use LiveWatts to engage students and teach about solar energy by providing an active example.

    Custom branded solutions are available for system installers looking to bundle LiveWatts with their solar projects.

  • Why should I display my energy data?

    It is important to know how well your investment is paying off. For many government funded solar projects, energy monitoring and reporting is a mandatory component. LiveWatts fulfills this requirement while adding value to the installation.

    Many project bids have been won due to their inclusion of energy visualization & education.

    Your customers are interested in your efforts towards a cleaner environment. Using LiveWatts, you can highlight the benefits of your green initiatives.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started with LiveWatts is simple. If you have an existing or planned solar or wind installation, give us a call or send an email and we will be glad to assist you.